Meducate Live Online Webinar Training 

Classroom training may not being going ahead at the moment due to the coronavirus lockdown but fortunatelt you can still access most of your favourite courses via live online webinar with Meducate Training Ltd. Despite the coronavirus lockdown you can still keep your training up to date from the comfort of your home. 
We use a very simple application called Zoom which can easily be downloaded to an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or laptop. 
Live online webinar training means that once you are logged in you will see the lecturer and be able to ask them questions about the course content and they in turn can deliver presentations, show you videos and practical demonstrations. 
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This training is CHEAPER than traditional classroom training due to lower overheads 
You DON'T NEED a WEBCAM to participate 
You DON'T NEED any TECHINCAL IT skills to take part, EASY TO USE. 
DIFFERENT course TIMES are available for your CONVENIENCE 
You CAN INTERACT with an INSTRUCTOR LIVE during the webinar 

What courses do we offer? 

Paediatric First Aid Extended (2 x sessions each 2-3 hours) 
First Aid Extended (3 x sessions each 2-3 hours) 
Diabetes Awareness (3 hours) 
Introduction to Learning Disabilities (2-3 hours) 
Introduction to Sexuality, relationships and learning disabilities 
Epilepsy Awareness (2-3 hours) 
Epilepsy with Emergency Rescue Medication (2 x sessions each 3 hours) 
Introduction to Mental Health (2-3 hours) 
Principles and Practice of Moving and Handling (2-3 hours) 
Food Safety (2-3 hours) 
Drug and Alcohol Awareness (2-3 hours) 
Infection Control (2-3 hours) 
Safeguarding of Adults at Risk (2-3 hours) 
Safeguarding of Children (2-3 hours) 
Bespoke Training Courses (2-3 hours) 

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