Mental Health First Aid Training & Physical First Aid Training in Colchester 

 Who is responsible for the mental health first aid of the people that work for you and with you? Get training now. 

We have been training people for over 10 years. We have trained 30,000 plus learners in mental health, emergency and paediatric first aid training courses. We also teach self-harm first aid training courses and ligature first aid training courses in essex and all over England and even internationally in the USA and Australia. 
We also offer live online classes via Zoom You can look here 
Why choose us for your training course : 
Competitive pricing 
We take the time to understand you, the client 
Learners love our training, we get amazing feedback 
High pass rates 
No 'death by powerpoint' 
Call us now on 01206 638711 for more information about our range of training courses in colchester 
first aid training centre colchester
The 'in-demand' mental health first aid course held over 2 days via Zoom or face-to-face in Colchester, prepare to have you perceptions of mental health smashed! 
first aid training colchester
Learn the skills needed to be useful in one of most deadly emergencies of all, a medical one. Get qualified as an Emergency First Aider with this really popular first aid course 
first aid training ligature colchester
Save your organisation time and money by learning how to deliver ligature training course to your own teams. A great first aid training course for existing and new in-house trainers. 
first aid training colchester paediatric
OFSTED recommends that most staff that work with children must have this 2 day paediatric first aid course to care for children! 
Don't take our word for it about how good our training courses in Colchester are, check out what our customers say about us! 
"Mark is a brilliant trainer. Felt comfortable during the whole two day course and never felt judged whenever I spoke about personal experiences" - MHFAW Learner, Colchester Essex January 2021 
"Enjoyed the 2 days training and felt it all ran smoothly considering it was over Zoom" - MHFAW Learner, Colchester Essex February 2021 
"Great course content, I like how the instructor uses personal experiences to give examples. The scenarios were very helpful" - PFA Learner, Colchester Essex April 2021 
"Fantastic course and well recommended" - MHFA Learner, Colchester Essex April 2021 
"Really great course, felt comfortable with the group and asking any questions to Mark. The way the information was presented was great" - MHFAW Learner, Colchester Essex, February 2021 
Amazing training, learnt a lot, taking away lots of information - MHFA Learner, Colchester Essex January 2021 
"Enjoyable and informative training, I feel confident in my ability to spot the early signs of mental health distress. The training was bespoke and drew on personal experiences which Mark drew out appropriately from participants. Even taking an exam online felt stress free! 
Thank you!" MHFA Learner, Colchester Essex April 2021 
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it invaluable" - MHFA Learner, Colchester Essex April 2021 
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