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Book Now for Anti Ligature Train The Trainer Colchester. 
We have been doing the ligature train the trainer course for nearly 5 years now and it has proved one of our most popular courses and there is now a small army of people out there delivering ligature training to their own staff in their own workplaces. 
Would you like to be part of that growing group of confident, self-motivated and capable trainers? 
Does this sound like you? 
The benefits of getting yourself trained up to deliver ligature training to your own staff are clear; you only must look at the potential cost savings to see how it can benefit your organisation. 
For example, ligature training can cost between £400-£600 for a group of 12 people to be trained (I would be wary of anyone selling this very important ligature training for anything less or more than this price range). Training these staff, yourself would give you a significant cost saving in the short term (for the original group) and in the long term (for new joiners and refreshers). 
As there is no official accreditation for ligature training you don’t need to go out and get time-consuming and expensive qualifications or pay other people to produce and print your certificates. You can structure and deliver your ligature training in whatever way fits in with your organisation’s needs and supply your own certificates to staff when they have completed the course. 
This spring we are running special classroom anti ligature training sessions in Colchester, Essex where you can come along and spend the day learning how to deliver ligature training to your staff. We are keeping the class numbers small so if you come along to this anti-ligature train the trainer session you can get a much more personal experience which we are sure you will find very valuable. 
We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our courses in the near future. 

Anti Ligature Train The Trainer Book Here... 

To give participants an overview of the physiological effects of strangulation by ligature. 
Explain some of the possible types of ligature that might be used. 
To explain policies and procedures in your organisation. 
Immediate Actions to take as ‘first on scene’ 
How to remove a ligature safely using ligature cutters 
What basic first aid may be required? 
To give the participants an opportunity to practice techniques 
Professional ligature and train the trainer session 
Lunch (very important) 
A suggested lesson plan to help you with planning your first session 
A hard-copy resource pack to use for the first ever ligature training session you deliver 
A .pdf resource pack so you can print unlimited copies of paperwork for future sessions. 
Access to a free online refresher course after your first year so you can stay up to date with your training. 
To book call 01206 638711 or email 
Call 01206 638711 
The price for this course is £425 per person 
This course is also available onsite at your location for group sizes up to 6 priced at £1339 
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